Post Partum Exercise (The first 6-8 weeks)

Don't get too excited... if you think this is a post with a high intensity workout to regain that pre pregnancy body 2 weeks post partum, then you are definitely in the wrong place. ⁣

It took 9 months of hard work and a toll on our bodies to grow a human; so know that regaining your pre pregnancy fitness doesn't just happen overnight. Although it maybe tempting to throw ourselves back into what we loved most pre pregnancy; whether it be high impact workouts or sports, lifting weights or running, this is not what our bodies need and can cause more harm than good. ⁣

In the early days, literally from day 1, incorporate daily diaphragmatic breathing, pelvic floor squeezes and walking when you feel upto it. This should be followed for the first 6-8 weeks. ⁣


1. Stand in front of a mirror and breathe normally. Is your chest moving more than the bottom of your ribcage? ⁣

2. Aim for the bottom part of your ribcage to expand with each breath in. ⁣

3. Place your hands at the bottom of your ribs and focus on this pattern. Start with 3 or 4 breaths and build up gradually, doing this daily. ⁣


As well as limiting any excessive downward pressure (don't strain on the toilet, keep tummy muscles relaxed; don't suck in the muscles), daily squeezes from day 1 if you feel upto it, are key in recovery. ⁣

Build up to 20-30 short squeezes and 20-30 long squeezes daily. Depending on the type of delivery, whether you needed stitches etc find a start point that works for you. They should never be painful so listen to your body and build up til its comfortable and part of your routine. The @squeezyapp is a very good tool to remind you and keep you on track or make it something you do at every feed or nap time. ⁣


Start with short distances, avoid wearing a baby carrier or sling in early days to avoid any additional abdominal pressure and listen to your body. If your insides suddenly feel like they're going to fall out, you've probably done too much! ⁣

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