Post Partum Fitness (Post 6-8 weeks)

Here are a few of my favourite exercises to help strengthen the deep core (transverse abdominus) and reactivate the glutes post pregnancy. With a growing bump, both have been misaligned and weakened so it's very important to strengthen them before increasing intensity and more dynamic movements.

I always advise you see a pelvic health physio before commencing exercise and it's recommended, as per previous posts that this type of movement is commenced post 6 weeks. ⁣

Start with 3 x 10 reps on each but can be reduced if too difficult and increased if you're ready to push further. ⁣

HALF PLANK- really focus on tilting the pelvis so you feel the lower abs contracting. Hold for 30 seconds (start with a shorter time and build up if need be)⁣.

BENT KNEE FALL OUTS- Engage the core and squeeze the pelvic floor. Make sure the pelvis is always pointing upward and aligned, avoiding any rotation and only bring the knee out as far as this can be maintained. ⁣

CLAMS- Engage the core and pelvic floor, leaning slightly forward before beginning the movement to fully engage the glutes. ⁣

GLUTE BRIDGE- Again, engage the core and pelvic floor before you begin. Drive the hips up and squeeze the glutes at the top. ⁣

BIRD DOG- Engage the core as you would for half plank before you even start to move. Again, keep it slow with hips aligned. Add a knee tap if feeling good.⁣

HEEL TAPS/SLIDES- Before you begin, engage the core and squeeze the pelvic floor. Keep the hips stable; keep it slow to avoid any rotation in supporting hip or spine. ⁣

SIDE PLANK- focus on driving the hips up and squeezing the glutes. Try 30 seconds each side, and adapt if needed. ⁣

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